our hands were as cold as ever
two spirits lost in the zone of their unconscious life
a meeting of two brought you, a tumble of weeds, but i still see
bend down, the beauty, the lovely and how fast i’ve fallen

wasn’t sent from, it was time and the reason i write rhymes
i patronize others and paint feelings of another
slip with this and that and feel an unholy feeling of immorality
they say otherworldly, but i rhyme and say, ideally maybe i lie frozen

the warm brings truth and my favorite color is blue
shades of darkness, the deep underlying feeling of your highness
a wicked reign of yesterday through eternity
matter of a ghost roaming the coast wondering where it all went wrong

i do, i did and at times i still feel gone like a piece of me isn’t right
that i might’ve already died and well, maybe this is limbo
all the symbols, the unnecessary jesters out at sea
how people become stuck in windows deep throating any sort of information

i think about the bitter, the cold, the deep devotion i have towards you
forever stuck in this wonderment and awful mood of endearment
you said you’ve never felt it, that you wish and that you were sorry
yet an apology isn’t always accepted and sometimes you have to face it

the way i called as you reigned and felt today like it was a getaway
i’m not asking for an apology, a sorry or really anything
essentially an understanding that it went both ways
it takes two to make a wrong and even if your morals weren’t there
i should’ve pulled the chair and left and said i’ve had it

now i’m strung, hung up on things i should’ve never seen
looking down upon things that i haven’t given a chance
stuck in a motion of you that left this jaded bruise
i feel used while you made excuse after excuse
i have no clues, no use, all you did was shoot while i sat confused


he fucked my mind into believing he was mine
dropped me like a fly just to watch me cry
it was brilliant, but because he didn’t know i could kill him
he never thought twice or figured i could switch without a hitch
to tear without words, touch — let his buttons go while holding the remote

i go with the flow, hold endless high notes for the show
the brilliance, my resilience, i loved to kill him
i dimmed the lights, threw down my hood and bathed in the blood
lather, rinse and repeat as i played with his knees

they say i’m crazy, but it’s all in the mind
telekinesis did the crime, i just played my lines
the game was mine, his days were mine
i sucked his soul like you would never know

i blew my cocaine off his neck and splattered the guts from his chest
but i laugh — not because i’m crazy, but because his game was lazy
his chances were days as mine were years
his days were mine, but i guess that’s as clear as the spear he used when i thought he was mine

the biggest mistake

with time and energy there becomes a moment
grasp feelings and notions you’ve only heard about
i ride about town wondering if you’ve ever felt them
that time might’ve skipped and this or that never happened

the biggest mistake was that i would’ve done anything for you
yet the blue, the sky, the notions upon every emotion
you didn’t deserve anything and that’s the irony
the feeling of bliss, the kiss and your lips
how you pushed against the door and my heart hit the floor

we give without worthiness and that’s the beauty behind it
truth doesn’t care – we’ve all been there
felt the floor shake and watched death curl upon us
love till you die and die till you love is this generation

as a nation, we live for the feeling of the ultimate happiness
yet die with the subconscious sadness that lingers beneath
i’ve felt hell, skipped and played in the metaphorical death of another
stormed in rain and felt the day leave for eternity

we become used, feel sorry for our bruises and let the world hold them
forgetting the mind of our own and the biggest mistake we let lay
a needle in the hay and our thoughtful days say otherwise
he could’ve been a good guy and she could’ve been a good girl

our world becomes what it shouldn’t and we do things we thought we couldn’t
i float with holes and sink starting with my knees
body first as the mind hovers last, our spirits contrast and comfort
we’re only lost souls looking for our show
riding the waves that bring us today, folding for moments we shouldn’t

we love, we lust – frequently out of our ass
i never asked, but when you do, that’s when you don’t want to
i promise it’s there, happiness rolls by surprise
our biggest mistake might’ve been the last, maybe our future
but who cares? when you’ve had it, you’ve had it

i dance with the tune that’ll always remember you
sleep with sounds and sometimes dream about a life i shouldn’t
although these are things done in error and wishes of the future
it’ll never hurt them – maybe us, but again, the biggest mistake:
i would’ve done anything for you, but i would and i always will, until the sky meets its doom

How would you define beauty?

In a general sense, a certain level of confidence and energy one exudes. The way they grace their eyes and choose words. How their brain links with their soul and if they seem trapped in a world of superficiality.

In companion, it’s everything, really. How they walk, the way their hands move and how focused their eyes sit. If they caress your neck and speak with truth. The intensity in their voice when they say your name versus a nickname. But beauty essentially lies within yourself when you look at someone and realize it’s in the grace, not the face.


I believe we’re supposed to meet people and down the road things are supposed to happen—”
“Not now, but in the future, when the time is right and the idea of a relationship sounds pleasing, maybe we can try it again.”

“If you’re not married by then,” with the biggest smirk upon his face.
“I guess we’ll see.

opposite the jester

he strings his own tune, the one, he’s like the dark side of the moon
they say life hurts and it’s awful, you just want to cry
we move, hold the edge and realize it was beautiful all along
the song shifts, the pits of hell close and all that you knew lost its melancholy tune

i tap, pat and feel for what once was and hope it’s no longer gone
but in my mind, i know we’re not fine and the waves we walked
our lines have split and ours spirits are no longer aligned
one day i’ll see your face, your life and death upon our days

a frequent thought of yesterday where our faces radiated
beyond was just a simple thought, i never knew how far gone
the way a human could taste: the simple, sweet, the life
i look in eyes, i see disguise, an occasional warm
sometimes strong feeling of lies that always seem to compromise

i’m wise, but that doesn’t stop a foolish thought of the lingering past
tumble from feeling, the way you look at ceilings and wonder
“is my life truly this,” he asked himself, but he knew the answer
the question was only as superficial as the personality he claimed

i always wondered if he spoke the names of the ones he hurt
if the harm he dealt was just to covert his long-lost heart
but life, for him, just a court where the jester plays lead
he keeps them on their knees and laughs when in need
yet what he doesn’t realize is eventually time eludes and he will, too