his fingers caressed
touching your soul
making you whole
yet lingering beneath

with trickles of
we moved like fluid
in and over
everywhere and scattered

he killed with kindness
dragged you upon highways
spoke with loveliness
while throwing you into loneliness

a crevice of desire
with words too precise
three times enough
arrogance which could slice

dice of the moment
two beings turned liquid
we were, but ever
subconsciously understanding never


our stride against
how we rescind to quit
but go with
transcend through
dance upon the wind

intensity blocks
washes us abroad
leaving us armless
along the stars

how we did
how we could
the way we lived
with sweet kisses
but poisonous nectar


Give second chances, third chances, but not a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and so on. Appreciate yourself and understand your worth – know it takes time for people to change, to become better. But know what you can take and what you deserve.