he was a lion
i was desire
i spoke his name
as i grew higher
i waded
i walked
i felt the ground
as i looked across the water
and there his hands go
waving from left to right
crying from wrongs
begging to be right
he drank the water
i laughed from afar
but loved his ways
we stood opposite
wondering where we’d go
when we go
wandering to our left
yet running to our right
but stopping when things
felt right


have you ever
felt fire
beneath a wing
with a grasp
of a hand
the devotion one feels
when passion
takes the wheel
we wade in
frolic out
run our hands
play in doubt
wondering where things go
when they go
what his name was
when we float
from love
to doubt
to the way things felt
when it wasn’t hell
and just the way
things held

strong and barely controllable emotion
words by dominic riccitello