we lie in perspective
to break each other
take each other
hold the hands
of something we used to
feel on waves
in days and broken hello’s
we aligned in the divide of our demise
slow dancing suicide
a lullaby full of death
screaming kisses
how he used to touch your neck
with his lips which loved
instead of twirled the devil
from side to side
breaking wishes
kissing ashes
dancing on acid
i spoke his name
with a soft whisper
but can you see passion
through broken glasses?


Stop making excuses for other people. For why they do certain things. For how they treat people or how they treat you. Giving excuse and justification gives defense which lets them act however they want. It allows them because you tolerated it. Don’t accept less than what you’re worth because you’re worth a lot.


i look at you and i see haunting
a road with shadows
to see you is darkening
i break to take you
evergreens and a loss of daisies
running with sharp knives
never got me so far
but running with you
seemed lovely
i take this horror to be you
details of a man with shades of blue
a boy in his terror
eyes in the sorrow of our loss made you
the knives in my back
were far from view
but a sullen truth

dancing with knives in your back
words by dominic riccitello

i found the depths of our nights
like a flight of stairs
which never seemed to end
the thorns of his words
have you ever felt the devil’s kiss
it felt like life before your eyes
a sin you quite liked
to twirl his hair between your fingers
how he twirled your heart between his fists
they call it masochism
i call it love
a weary dream with breathless nights
drugs to keep you quiet
in the back of your mind
where demons play
the ice feels nice
cold touch of your life
he never felt like this
it never made sense
his hands kept me warm
because i couldn’t tell how bad it was

to find how bad it was
words by dominic riccitello