dragging our feet
upon ashes of words dealt
throwing thorns at shadows in eve
we wake the ocean with a touch of heaven
lips against my skin
feel you screaming
rapids gravitate and we’re in hell masked as heaven
pulling ourselves and breaking a moment
shaving bones to feel whole
using herbs to tango the ice of our hearts
mixing vodka and tonic to shade abuse
talking in difference we build false pretense
he shatters windows of our green house
swinging arms through nothingness
he feels it, i feel him
in a corner five thousand miles away
tuesday with mercury in retrograde
we face death to stay unafraid


in bliss we twist our spines
across golden gates we dared to climb
we’re holding on edge
kissing in the mist with minds shut
caught off guard to a prose i used to write
we’re swaying and i’m rhyming
lying in sand of oceans we used to wreck
you call in night
dancing with darkness i admired
strolling on broken innocence
yoga frolicking through tunnels in lobes unkind
and he’s tangled in masochism
we’re aligning on planes in worlds which don’t transcend
nothing makes sense
his eyes feel like a poltergeist
i’m twirling while he’s floating
in lie we find truth
demons hover to fuel their fume
the black feels right
it was always

and it’s alright
words by dominic riccitello

dancing in fumes
a desire to be told
i spoke to him in death
misery against our skin
longing for depth
a conversation within ourselves
lips against shins speak on edge
we’re sailing the seas of broken love
kissing death as if
all of this made sense
if we could mend truth
to dance in trust would be worthy
and we’re lying in twists
myths of what was
i kissed his hands
to feel abuse
create a muse
in the dark of my shadows
his eyes fade
but tongue still twists


lying in a bed in venice
thinking of you
how your arms
used to craft my essence
i’m crying on clouds
in daze and haze
in catacombs of hearts
skulls leave me at bay
i’m screaming your name
from rooftops i jump from
clinging to drugs
to echo your base from
i held your hands
to hold your heart
screaming your name
but it’s not you
is it


soaking his tranquility
to dance instead of be
rolling down hills of thorns
feels good to bleed
sorrows you gave me
we’re burning
slow dancing in fear of free
broken in hatred
feeling our fumes
lighting gas
he’s breaking his hands
on a heart who loved him
he’s cracking bones
of a man who adored him

against stone walls
words by dominic riccitello

and i’m running in circles
across the dark side of the moon
we’re wading, caving to our deepest
i crave you in separation
lost time and i’m dying in the arms of a ghost
crying in your veins
creating feigns in an enemy of a man
with arms fold we guard our hearts
love without love and i’m feeling you
a candle lit retrospect
man with arms of might and a heart of stone
dancing in attention, loss of ego
and we’re crying on the kitchen floor
in an apartment we used to adore
throwing knives at a revolving door
standing on a balcony
with your hands in his pocket
and you thought i’d eventually

third story balcony
words by dominic riccitello

thoughts linger his empty hangers
words on paper
used to taste like you
stolen youth of a lonely twenty-two
we hold the hands of broken men
tango beneath their masquerade
in fuel he fills the room
we break their hearts in retrograde
and i’m spinning around his mind
like fingers on his spine
caressing the deepest of thoughts
emotions in midnight
i etch his words with pen and paper
ribs in sensation
we’re trickling, we’re dripping
i’m in his mind with candle light
diving in the moment
and we’re singing a love song
masochist incense fill the room
i’m kissing god and i’m falling in love
drinking wine in crescent moonlight
with tongues twist and heads locked
i felt you beneath the twilight
in utter chaos
i loved you
before i even met you