It’s hard to leave toxic relationships because you become dependent on the action of how they treat you. You depend on manipulation because the emotionally abused no longer comprehend self worth. You understand it, but your mind tells you otherwise and become afraid to leave the situation. You don’t think you’re worthy which makes you question leaving it.


i speak your name in sadness
in void of truths and awkwardness
we’re riding in somber you’s
hiding our feat to a broken fuse
i’m dancing on fine lines of wisdom
hoping you’d see them
like the him in windows of twenty thousand feet
when you’re dangling your views of hatred in endless seams
in tunnels and distance we create to quake ourselves
rhyming on rhythm in questions of defeat
where relationships overextend
happiness wakes in virtue of our viral self
we’re dying on question of loneliness
i said i speak your name in sadness
not in a sense of hopelessness
in a realization of pity
to die is not my death
but to die in quest of what it was
we break to question our reality
rhyming in a rhythm to make sense
he’s screaming in names of honesty
and i’m living in the end
running on water of bends and turns
questioning ourselves to add books to shelves
in experience i find you to find it
to create a life of something worthwhile 
where reincarnation is nothing
but wisdom in my end

rhyming on rhythm of experience
words by dominic riccitello

to be underneath it all
in a sense of what it was
we’re twirling in madness
creating haze of what it meant
i stand in his guard
to realize fine eyes
strength of his warmth
tight hands 
make you feel weak in a sense
and in the end
we’re dancing in torment of memories
which leave us jaded
a man in a world of a billion
and his mark leaves hurt
on your neck
his voice makes you weak
in the knees
and he’s dancing around you
like a fish in a pound
and you’re screaming his name
but the woods are dark
and the fork in the road
leaves you lost
in words unsaid

lost in woods of words unsaid
words by dominic riccitello

if words were enough
i’d have you running
at the tips of my fingers
caressing spines in relativity
but i feel you in the dipper
where gravity ceases to exist
we’re twirling in circles
in directions we only ever missed
i kissed you in night
in screams of our memories
two hands against sheets
in pinot filled light
under your essence
innocent lies skipped on twenty-two
might of a man you could die against
you touch because you love
you fall because auras connect
we’re dancing in space without a rhythm
two left feet and a mind of him
unrequited love withers
the saddest day
is when their voice fades


twining in our moment
complexity of sin
we’re dying in virtue 
future daughters and men
lying in laughter 
dancing to a beat of nonexistence
the stars are our hearts
and i’m lying to him
under the blanket moon
in fear of what was
we’re twirling infinity
leaning towards black holes
and bones made of knives
which carve hearts
in night
we found
ourselves in bliss
crying to shadows
of what was said
not what was sad
happiness breaks
truth sets in
i said what i said
you misread
the fine lines
we skipped


a year and two
feeling your fumes
crying in coffins
i’m drunk in a subway
crying to the tune
of your ears in my mouth
swallowing your heart
in a void i felt warm

i die in your arms
in shadows i might
calling forth for light i harvest
in truth you cry
tears around your mouth
with a tongue in horror
you feel when you’re gone


i give lemons for life
accept lemons i might
but i squeeze in queue
cry in booths
where whores ring blue


i dance in purple
fly to wisdom
sad is a peak
in echoes i peak
running in might i see


i spoke your name on a candle
a feminine moon night
monday i cried
i still hear your voice
between the thighs i touch
love you b
but honey look
i’m flying
and you’re nowhere in sight

happy birthday pt. 4
words by dominic riccitello

screaming in our dreams
and we died
just to be
in ourselves
within a moment
he’s twirling
on fine lines
a wrinkled mind
in stolen echoes
and horrid emotions
to numb us
is to divide ourselves
and i’m deprived
of all sensation
striking hourglasses
to bend through time
we’re dancing on sand
and i felt you
in a moment’s time