i spoke his name
a dozen times too many
in horror i see evil
essence of a man
who cherishes heaven of pain
tears in eyes and sleepless nights
oceans of men broken by time
in other lives where evil lies
in truth with a broken tune
a numbness brought on by a crescent moon
two air signs in drift with shadows of ceiling fans
and his hands choked 
the lips of love
twisted by lips of lust
rips and cuts in depth with hues
soldered with memories of abuse
by men we are seduced
in temporary junctions
where love is lost with expiry 
as time drifts we expect
good things end
bad things we reminisce
because bliss kisses the lips of death
minds relapse 
moments transcend
and emotions mix
the evil of our past


in tune with your eyes
i fade with the wind
to feel the gentle of your skin
like feathers of your pillows
in gloomy night
when your tears touch my skin
i feel like heaven in time
like your neck on my back
against the sheets of christmastime
and i flutter to feel
among you in the new year
i taste our fuel
it burns like gasoline
like the rough of your jeans
that time in july
when your zipper touched my lips
and my tongue locked
behind the guard of my teeth
like the guard of your walls
and i touch 
but i touch to feel if this is real
because if i’m dead
you feel like nothing
and all of this is mad
and all of him was in my head
and the pillows of our night
with feathers which turned to stone
sleepless nights become meaning
evil truth is no longer deceiving
but blatant lies bubble 
gentle kisses simmer
summer seems to linger
warmer becomes colder in sense
and this nor i
no longer intense 
but contents in the diary of a year
of absolute misery

to no longer feel you
words by dominic riccitello

beneath your essence
i’m lying in his death
on planets twisting sentences
before time could exist
we found space between us
in molecules held together
an atom without an eve
in the dark of the night
behind shadows in the dark of my mind
i told you this to find us together
in melancholy weather
with a void of happiness
i spoke in bits
to create question inside of this
a human body
meant not for i
but for souls to twine in my mind
create nostalgia for things i had admired
in this life
i said why
because time is never of the essence
questions lead to our existence
and i lead not by example
because examples are a fail to follow
shadows are a mad man’s halloween
the weak look for obsolete
and i seek a darkened meaning

meaning of existence
words by dominic riccitello

fucking in fumes
to a sensual tune of you
in our dire truth
i break our view of what was
just a mercury glass mirror
with a reflection of two people
against the shins of another
i break to take you to places
you’ve never been
and we’re screaming in tunnels
to universes i found you
behind memories in broken alleys
with lips locked in what it was
nothing but just two people
in a moment
basking in the sin of another
and i take to take
not because i want it
but because i can
and that’s what’s wrong
when relationships find sourness
one will take
and the other
will fall 
more in love with you
every day


you make moments instead of memories
broken emotions instead of matrimony
dance with the devil in an ocean of sin
and i kiss to feel the lips of age rather than bliss
in signs of this i take your hand against my hip
and tangle your legs around my neck
because breath isn’t of ours
your blood isn’t something i miss
december 25th is a day i reminisce
because broken love is beautiful
unrequited horror in nights i kiss strangers
in darkest of places
like franklin village and tables turning
with chairs against tables and men atop them
in dire terror with blood bleeding
deepest of red and purple
with hues of blue
sweating from their chin
with knives against backs
and i said
not to say
but we’re dancing without rhythm
because nothing makes sense
innocence is nothing but depth without men


under years of his eyes
i follow roads in turns
where demons follow you
and he said
five times too many
we quake in the rage that we are
basking in sin for years to come
i’m humming in tune with you in mind
lying in eyes with motions in laps
round corners where shadows bend
our future in this
and i dance
in sense of you and i
on fine lines of white snow
which melts in heat
but flows in the cold


dying in truth
to feel a living blue
sky in my mind
we’re triggering out
from withering heights
and i call out your name
to feel an echo of something
we feed ourselves in night
because the sky is at darkness
we see ourselves
behind velvet curtains
bleeding moments
our emotions in us
feel nothing but just
a man in truth
in purple hues
in sadness of a moment
disguised behind yellow
of the sunlight
in eyes we hide our heaven
crescents beyond definition of a moon
i ride in thought of june
with hands atop mountains
screaming in oasis
in crisis 
in wasted places

purple hues in june
words by dominic riccitello

i laugh until i cry
and i speak in tongues
so you won’t realize
it’s about you
and i speak in tongues
so you won’t realize
it was your song
in the car
on that tuesday
when the world stopped
and we were spinning
in a slow motion car
where your words
seemed to grasp
my edges in ways
like deep voices
seemed to concentrate 
on echoes in the wind
and i said your name
in your ear
whispers in mirrors
ideas we spoke of
in twined arms
heavy love
we broke ice with cancer
and children
conversations over dinner
in dim lit restaraunts
near hilltops i still reminisce on
and i’m not sure
if it was you
or us
or nostalgia sets in
but your arms
seem to feel like bliss
and heaven
soft emotions
i still seem to feel
your eyes on my skin