i’m here
stolen in a moment
of life vs. death
not in a sense of sadness
but in truth with what it is
and i fall to keep
strength at my knees
puzzles and complex
feigns in greed
with your hands at bay
reaching for words
in my reality
where i left you
to sing for truth in horror
views from balconies
where i reminisced on stolen kisses
from men in bars
where drunken cowards
find excuse instead of fumes
in a relationship
screaming for infidelity
and i look
not to view
but to see the world 
for what it is
rather than what it was
a man in sheets
lying to himself
to keep his ego at bay
before it sunk to seas
where lies told him so
hell brought him cold
nature like his bones
in innocence
where the men he keeps
stand in error
for words of a liar
like himself