on our piece ‘to love’ i am really hooked on this stanza, “my spine was yours, every pour and fiber
yet everything seems finer and the world became a bit brighter” i can relate to your poetry perhaps not your experiences since I’ve never been in love, but your words resonate with me. I find it truly beautiful that you write and although painful as it may be you continue to do so and that’s beautiful. If you explain a bit of that stanza for me I get a visual of a sexual reference. thx!!

Thank you so much! That is one of my favorites. I do have a lot of pieces with sexual references, but that’s one of the few that doesn’t have any. The poem is about letting go. I know you asked for a part, but figured I would explain the stanza as a whole. 

“The rain roughens my skin and the acid peels off layers letting everything in.” Even though the relationship was harmful, it roughened my edges and strengthened me as a person.

“It started with a chat and a kiss, a broken wine glass that removed my neck.” The first time we met and our first date (I broke a wine glass on the first date). Then I use the wine glass as a metaphor to take it from the first date to the last (at the end I gave him everything and I would’ve even died for him – given him my neck).

“My spine was yours, every pour and fiber.” I’m just emphasizing how I gave him everything I could.

“Yet everything seems finer and the world became a bit brighter. Now life is at ease and I can genuinely lift from my knees.” Even though I gave him everything, it’s all good. Experience brings knowledge. No more fake smiles. No more self-pity. It’s really all good.