i fall to breathe
beneath you in summertime
before flowers of night
in time i find us
reminscing on soft cotton
sheets of your might
and i try to remember
fine times
lemons and limes
kissing within the fog
before oceans kissed us
and our feet
next to your house
on venice way
in dawn of saturday


dipping in satan’s touch
i surrender to essence of waves
in minds on end
where thoughts led us 
to be with but without
the devil in us
i etch myself in sin
cutting ribs to be within
myself at night
like i whisper to demons in my mind
i spoke to you
like a widows web
overlapping each time
slipping on fine lines
like your back in mine
twined in rhyme
in black
in essence of heaven
rivers to lily pads
jumping from time to line
as words we spoke
conversations i held in my mind
each time your lies felt mine
two hands down my spine
cracking vertebrae
each time


dying in truth
to feel a living blue
sky in my mind
we’re triggering out
from withering heights
and i call out your name
to feel an echo of something
we feed ourselves in night
because the sky is at darkness
we see ourselves
behind velvet curtains
bleeding moments
our emotions in us
feel nothing but just
a man in truth
in purple hues
in sadness of a moment
disguised behind yellow
of the sunlight
in eyes we hide our heaven
crescents beyond definition of a moon
i ride in thought of june
with hands atop mountains
screaming in oasis
in crisis 
in wasted places

purple hues in june
words by dominic riccitello

i die
not because i’m dead
but because i’m falling
in love with
your touch
every day
it stings in echoes
surrounding my mind
triumph of us
is nothing but sin
as in you and i
we don’t quite make sense
with jagged edges
quick wit
from the bits of your lips


winding roads
in eve with twists
from shadows of trees
he seemed lonely
with heart atop mountains
in dire innocence
we swam our seas
vacationing in toxins
satan’s sin seemed fluorescent
with tips like cherries 
eyes like lightning
wading in fear
a notion of this
lost in bliss of frozen tears
years in end
creating coals we walk
jagged edges and broken rocks
throwing hearts in rapids
whirlpools twined with tornados
but toxic fuels
and we move like fluid
in and out and all together

in toxicity i found you
words by dominic riccitello