i drown
between the cracks of our love
dying in truth to extend
through a moment stuck in time
and i find your eyes
caressing my spine
with words upon your lips
texture of our bodies
against each other
and we twirl to transcend
to places of non-existence
like meadows in our eve
sorrow in our spring
and break bones
to touch the pain
i once held in hands
a grip so soft
but a dance so triggering
two against one
hands against thumbs
gripping a body
feeling you heavenly
hugging you tightly
but without letting go
a rapid with force
brings torture
like hands used to
and it sounds of passion
but a mask delivers
as it’s supposed to
secrets hold value
like our pasts

horror in our past

words by dominic riccitello

fucking in fumes
to a sensual tune of you
in our dire truth
i break our view of what was
just a mercury glass mirror
with a reflection of two people
against the shins of another
i break to take you to places
you’ve never been
and we’re screaming in tunnels
to universes i found you
behind memories in broken alleys
with lips locked in what it was
nothing but just two people
in a moment
basking in the sin of another
and i take to take
not because i want it
but because i can
and that’s what’s wrong
when relationships find sourness
one will take
and the other
will fall 
more in love with you
every day


in night of
we talk of fading
a demon in midst of ourselves
talking in tongues to hell
we’re basking in him
to feel a bliss of evanescence
the irony of happiness 
kissing the feat of heaven
but the gravel of hell
and i sing a song
in the devils eyes
reminiscing of darker times
where you and i 
we’re gripping each others
necks in dusk and dawn
and swamps of amsterdam
rioting in blood and swollen kisses
broken achilles
tender moments under fog of our past
dancing in ashes never felt far
but reliving a song
we used to sway
sad men in notions
lies i used to sing twice
to see if this is how it felt
how we transcend
in dark and in bliss
sad wishes

dancing in sad kisses
words by dominic riccitello

dancing with edges in air
we’re twirling
with hands clasp and ashes had
riveting in our graves
running through fields of daisies
screaming in nights we had
with knives at end
of our throats 
he’s spinning in matrimony
yelling and moaning
in debonair movement
a moment in time
feigning on past relationships
to have emotion on abandoned ships
like thoughts we had
emotion we held in grasp of each other
broken by muses of ourselves in night
searching for fright in empty shelves
to tango instead of fall
we’re jazzing atop our funerals
clinging for fraud emotion
to hold ourselves together
knives were at our hips
we were dancing
but with edges at grasp
with knives met
sad songs in our foreground
emotion in the back

grass of our funeral
words by dominic riccitello

have you cried in mirrors of walls you miss
a bedroom of wrong in the memories of our childhood
hearing screams like echoes bouncing from walls
staring at ceilings at dawn
wondering where dark goes when it goes
like voices in the back of my mind
repeating conversations of a darkened man
in burnt forests we divide feelings and emotions
failing to understand the quiet
we’re bouncing in rhythm for rhymes we understood
but looking in swamps for fright of our reminisce
i remember to remember
not because it’s wanted
but because it’s necessary
for time to exist
for bliss to twist
for life to experience
and hands to shape the dark
which coexists

where everyone goes when they go
words by dominic riccitello

we’re twirling beneath clouds of lips and lies
tangling by a grip of divine youth in our past
i’m dancing in gardens of hell
blacking to a beat and stripping bones of men i defeat
i tell lies
you’re screaming otherwise
i’m in night crying to a tune of a beautiful man
screaming twice and you ask why
nothing makes sense
i twirl because i’m spinning in rhyme
to a thought of hellbent
he’s like a theater and i’m pulling the curtain
to feel emotion of someone who stands there
lying before his hands in might
emotions ensue and i’m screaming voodoo
his lips misconstrue
words we said
a dance we had
i’m slow dancing in his living room
in form of a ghost in a shape of sheet
i tattoo his voice on my lungs
it echoes in hell
where i stood
the first time his grip met my hand

in a dream i held your hand
words by dominic riccitello

his thighs to touch
in a darkened night
caressing bed sheets
cotton and i feel him
to dance in this
and i’m on your lips
in reverse of your eyes
from blue to green
in black i felt
the blank of your stare
under the rotation of us
turning tables we kiss
broken plates we threw
and he stands between the walls
i built on edge of a man in darkness
throwing bricks from shadows
and smirks with glances
to a fool in pink
who twirled 
as we speak

throwing bricks from shadows
words by dominic riccitello

i weave through his spine
on a crescent moon night
screaming beneath the twilight
to stand on shells or break the fall
he tangos a heart as he tastes like alcohol
trembling with fault 
his eyes flip to the back of his head
he’s singing a song i used to sway with
i’m banging the gong
screaming for a touch of a god
to handle my edges
bring palms of magic
he’s dropping bombs
he’s feeling it all
he’s dancing like a black swan
and i stand with intensity
feet forward and face without horror
he swings his words 
whips with force
have you ever taken abuse from a muse
turned it into fuel
tasted his edges
tattooed the pain
and created