i drown
between the cracks of our love
dying in truth to extend
through a moment stuck in time
and i find your eyes
caressing my spine
with words upon your lips
texture of our bodies
against each other
and we twirl to transcend
to places of non-existence
like meadows in our eve
sorrow in our spring
and break bones
to touch the pain
i once held in hands
a grip so soft
but a dance so triggering
two against one
hands against thumbs
gripping a body
feeling you heavenly
hugging you tightly
but without letting go
a rapid with force
brings torture
like hands used to
and it sounds of passion
but a mask delivers
as it’s supposed to
secrets hold value
like our pasts

horror in our past

words by dominic riccitello

have you cried in mirrors of walls you miss
a bedroom of wrong in the memories of our childhood
hearing screams like echoes bouncing from walls
staring at ceilings at dawn
wondering where dark goes when it goes
like voices in the back of my mind
repeating conversations of a darkened man
in burnt forests we divide feelings and emotions
failing to understand the quiet
we’re bouncing in rhythm for rhymes we understood
but looking in swamps for fright of our reminisce
i remember to remember
not because it’s wanted
but because it’s necessary
for time to exist
for bliss to twist
for life to experience
and hands to shape the dark
which coexists

where everyone goes when they go
words by dominic riccitello

we lie in perspective
to break each other
take each other
hold the hands
of something we used to
feel on waves
in days and broken hello’s
we aligned in the divide of our demise
slow dancing suicide
a lullaby full of death
screaming kisses
how he used to touch your neck
with his lips which loved
instead of twirled the devil
from side to side
breaking wishes
kissing ashes
dancing on acid
i spoke his name
with a soft whisper
but can you see passion
through broken glasses?


he tastes your limbs
sweat of your eyes
eats the love you once gave
to twirl into eternity
a lossless bridge you used to grace
flowers spin to their bed
ashes burn
how it feels like hell
have you ever lied in blood?
have you ever cried in the arms of someone you used to love?
we fall with hands tied
grip like black ice
to dazzle with thorns
slice with fingertips
the devil dangles hearts
but he dangled something else

we fall with hands tied
words by dominic riccitello

i find you
deep corners at night
thriving in the midst
of a beacon delight
i touch your being
gravity depletes
the nonsense of my brain
we tango throughout
the narrow of my lobes
hallways with a darkened strobe
our eyes wade forth
haze in the thought
of a past moonlight
i tangle in shadows
creating motions
of men turned monsters
i knew your arm
the warmth
how it turned cold
how black fades
the things you said
imprinted in my brain

you called me crazy
words by dominic riccitello